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Payments Simulator

Simulate any ISO8583 payments message



Payments Converter

Convert ISO8583 Payments to JSON, XML, SQL



Switch and Route

Switch ISO8583 messages on BIN, amount, terminal



Issue & Authorize

Issue cards, process, Authorize, Keep balance for cards



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ISO8583 Payments Simulator

Simulate any ISO8583 payments message

Compatible with Visa, MasterCard, POS, ATM, clearing

Web server and database compatibility

Build, run, validate, authorize ISO8583 messages

Functional single tests, scenario, regression and load test
CICD and cloud compatible, Easy to configure test cases in Excel

ISO8583 Simulator
Simulate any payments device
Convert any payments gateways

Payments Message Converter

Convert ISO8583 Payments to JSON, XML, SQL

ISO8583 TCP to Web Api HTTP, database, files

Integrate web api with ISO8583 and clearing

Microservices or standalone server, logging, reporting

PSD2, Web services, TCP/IP, or any API csv, binary files or online POS
Delivered as Commercial off the shelf solution or as integrated framework

Payments ISO8583 converter

ISO8583 Payments Switch and Route

Switch ISO8583 messages on BIN, amount, terminal

Route to Database, Web host, stand-in, cards Host

Pre-Authorize, screening, security checks

Integrated conversion Server or as container microservices architecture

Route any host: Web services, POS, local Banks, Visa, MasterCard

Transaction Monitoring, Real-Time Analytics

Full EMV support, Pin, Mac, Sessions and keys management

Payments Micro Switch Router
Payments switch router iso8583 neapay
Cards Authorization Server

ISO8583 Authorization
Payments Host

Ledger Balance, Available Balance, Online
Balance and Cards Refresh & Export

Host ISO8583, ISO20022, SWIFT
Clearing & Analytics

Configurable authorization rules with override

Validate limits, amounts, cards, EMV, PIN, MAC

Any database, binary data structure and message format.

Card Authorization Host

Cards Issuing
Card data generation

Generate, export, process card data for printing

Card data for database, PIN, cryptography generation

BIN range configurable

Import data from Excel, database

API integration, SQL, nosql, JSON, CSV, TLV

Cards Generation
Cards Authorization Server

POS Device Simulator SPDH, HPDH

ISO8583, fixed formats, Hypercom or Standard device handler

Works with BASE24, Base24-eps, Alaric, Postilion, Way4

Custom POS messages simulated in a few hours with full customization

Simulate any payment terminal: Ingenico, PAX, VeriFone, BBPOS, NCR, Hypercom

POS Device Simulator    

pos device
hardware security module

Hardware Security Module Simulator

Support for any commands, Thales, Racal, Attala

Symmetric Key Management

PIN and Offset Generation

PIN Change, Verification, Translation

Card Verification Code/Value

EMV Chip Card Commands

LMK Translation

Derived Unique Key Per Transaction

HSM Simulator

ISO8583 Payments Notification & Alerts

real-time Notifications and Alerts, analysis and logging

connect with Switch , Converter for other formats like SQL, HTML, CSV

customizable analytics

csv, XML, JSON, or HTML output

scripting of all output and input

Commercial off the shelf solution or framework available

ISO8583 Notifications Alerts Analytics

payments notifications, alerts, analytics
pre-authorization and stand in

Pre-authorization and Stand-in for payments

Stand-in for host unavailable

Pre-authorization checks: PIN, EMV, MAC

Only query the host if the transaction is valid

Reduce processing and logic on the host

Out of the box Docker support

All the functionality of the Authorization host

With the message converter: Message Converter

ISO 20022 Payments Simulator

Integration for ISO8583, SWIFT, HTTP/JSON, XML, SQL

Compatibility with ISO8583 and clearing

Conversion to SWIFT or ISO8583

Integration with message logging and routing

Interconnect with API over http with XML or JSON

Business areas of ISO20022: Account management, Administration, Cash Management, Clearing and Settlement, Payments Initiation, Reference Data, Security events, Trade Services Initiation, Treasury

ISO20022 Payments Simulator

Clearing Simulator with Web Services

Web services simulation with clearing formats. Over TCP, Web Services with HTTP and files.
ISO8583 Clearing simulator »

Web ISO8583 simulator for online testing

Online Web interface control, test from anywhere.
Payments online simulator »

Card Personalization Verification

Test cases for all the EMV tags, test cryptograms and personalization info.
Card Personalization Verification »

Regression and Load Test Simulator

A COTS solution to do functional, then Regression and then Load Test with the same simulator.
ISO8583 Regression Simulator »

neaPay services for Payments - world class payments experience

Consultancy in relationships with vendors of authorization systems and device managers. Payments solutions architecture, design, acceptance, testing and configuration
ACI   NCR   Diebold   OpenWay
Advice and acceptance in relations with tools and services vendors. Payments testing and certification. Advising, consulting, Plan, Execution.
Fime   Gemalto   Paragon   clear2pay
Partnering and working together with big payments consultancy companies for big projects.
Cognizant   TCS   Attra   Accenture

neaPay payments training


Payments ISO8583 training

ISO8583 training, acquiring and issuing, single message and dual message, EMV, CHIP, PIN and all technologies involved in payments.
Payments and Iso8583 Training »

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