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Convert ISO8583 to JSON XML SQL

ISO8583 Interface

ISO8583 Interface Handler

ISO20022 Converter

Convert ISO20022 to ISO8583 ...

ISO8583 Builder

Build ISO8583 from scratch

ISO8583 Switch

ISO8583 Router by criteria

ISO8583 Authorization

Authorize cards and ledger

Payments Acquirer

Acquiring host from devices

Cards Issuing

Generate and issue cards

ISO8583 Simulator

ISO8583 HISO98 HISO87 simulator

ISO20022 Simulator

ISO20022 & SWIFT simulator

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POS protocols simulator

Web Api Simulator

Web API tester Performance


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Online Tools Overview

Online Tools

Cardpro Africa ZW

At the heart of the company is the provision of secure end to end plastic card solutions for the financial, identity and retail sectors. Some of Cardpro’s offerings include Smart-Card (incl. GSM) solutions, EMV, and COPAC solutions, Identification solutions, Loyalty solutions, and Financial Card Personalization sol.

Cardpro is the only local plastic card manufacturer in Zimbabwe and is a compliment to the PrintWorks Group of Companies of Zimbabwe

We are happy to supply CardPro Africa with cards issuing software.

Cardpro Africa ZW

ICA Banken SE

ICA Banken is a Swedish bank established in February 2002. It is owned by the retail chain ICA AB and offers financial services to Swedish customers.

We are happy to supply ICA Bank with simulators software and consultancy.

ICA Banken SE

apoBank: Deutsche Apotheker - und Arztebank

For health professionals and their organizations, apoBank offers advice and all banking products such as accounts, financing, provision and assets.

We are happy supply ApoBank with online message conversion products, simulation products and services, and payments consultancy, for a long term collaboration

apoBank Germany

APS bank Malta

APS Bank is a Maltese credit institution established in 1910. APS Bank specializes in providing retail banking products and services, including deposit accounts, consumer and mortgage loans. APS Bank also offers corporate banking and wealth management. The major shareholder of APS Bank is the Archdiocese of Malta and Gozo.

We supply the company with simulators software, consultancy and testing services.

APS Bank

SUDO_ Africa

Programmable Cards, Cards Issuer for Nigeria

An API platform that enables you instantly issue physical and virtual cards with more control & flexibility at scale.

We are happy to supplying Sudo with online switch conversion for ISO8583 and HTTP Rest APIs

SUDO Africa - Nigeria

NIBSS - Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System

Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS)[...]is owned by all licensed banks including the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)[...] handling inter-bank payments in [...] inter-bank funds transfer and settlement.

We are happy to have a long term collaboration to supply NIBSS with payments simulation products at a cost suitable for government institutions

NIBSS - Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System

Razorpay - Best Payment Gateway for Online Payments

Payment Gateway for India: Start Accepting Payments Instantly with Razorpay's Free Payment Gateway. Supports Netbanking, Credit, Debit Cards, UPI etc.

We are happy to supply Razorpay with simulator products to interact with world class switches

Razorpay Gateway India

Moov io - Payments Processor
USA, Iowa

Payment Processor for USA

The payments platform for customer-centric teams Support multiple payment options in one system while giving your customers the best user experience at every step.

Moov IO - USA

Cagecfi Informatique & Management

Cagecfi is a company that specializes in financial Services, with branches in 7 countries in Africa.

We are happy to supply Cagecfi and their customers ISO8583 Message Converter product, connecting banks that use custom ISO8583, to HTTP/JSON modern services

Attra banking, cards & payments services

Experts in the payments domain, backed by over two decades of experience. [...] taking the lead in providing technology services and solutions to clients across the globe.

We are happy to collaborate with ATTRA for many years

Attra banking, cards & payments services

Grobank - Ubits Technology Solutions

Ubits is a technology Solution provider in South Africa that uses our Payments Message Converter to connect a bank that uses ISO8583 to a HTTP/JSON host service

We are happy to supply this new bank with Switches interfaces, online conversion to APIs, simulators, and cards issuing software

grobank ZA

BPC Banking Technologies - SmartVista Solutions

BPC Banking Technologies, Smart Vista

Qualitykiosk: Quality Assurance Solution

QualityKiosk Technologies is one of the world's largest independent quality assurance providers [...] headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India.

We are happy to supply QualityKiosk with simulators so they can deliver their Financial institutions customers to deliver the best QA services at the most competitive price

Qualitykiosk India

SafetyPay offers payment solutions to its clients and uses our software for their testing.


E-ZWICH was implemented successfully for B-One Savings and Loans Ghana.

B-One Savings and Loans

International Card Processing Centre, ICPS, is the largest processing center in Mauritius and uses our software for testing its interface.

ICPS Mauritius


ISO8583 POS interface implementation for our friends at Cellulant Nigeria, who run on MACs.

Cellulant Nigeria

CAIXA is one of the largest banks in Brazil. We easily implemented CAIXA ISO8583 standard in our simulator for our client.

CAIXA Brasil


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We have worked and are happy to work and integrate with products from the most respectable vendors on the market.

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