Base24 Classic Training and Tutorials

Base24 product Training

Although the product is old, more and more new people are in need to learn Base24, also known as classic. We have the skills to get people familiarized with the Base24 world, with the Tandem system, with the screens and the infrastructure, with the messages and the processes, from zero level to operational.

Understand the product, understand what it does, understand what makes it good for what it does and most importantly - how it works.

Base24 screens and configurations

Get acquainted with the screens, with how to navigate, how to make changes, how to make and change Base24 configuration, step by step.

Base24 transaction flow

We can teach you the flows of transactions within Base24, how they arrive to the system, how they enter the system for processing, how they are processed, how they are then going to other parties involved in the flow, what is left behind and what for.

Base24 connectivity

What connects to what in the Base24 world may be the most important thing to know. Because no part works alone and all parts work well only when all connectivity is perfect.

Base24 infrastructure

The platform, the environment, the products around Base24, the underlying software, the support for processing and communication, the database or the command line usage, it is all required if you want to work with Base24.

Base24 Interfaces

Institutions work together, banks connect to one another and transactions flow from one interface to another until the transaction is completed in the Base24 transaction processing world. Know the most common interfaces, what makes the different from one another and why.

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