Card Personalization Validation

neaPay CPV

Payment networks personalization validation is a mandatory step in an EMV product launch project, this task has to be planned beforehand as it can be difficult to prepare a card profile which fits issuers’ business requirements. Before presenting an EMV card or a mobile payment application for brand certification, testers have to ensure that the personalization of the payment application meet the EMVCo specification and the brand requirements. PersevalPro Issuer, our multi-brand Personalization Validation Tool (PVT), helps Issuers, cards manufacturers and personalization bureaus prepare cards and contactless devices for the personalization validation testing required by payment networks.

Automate your Personalization Validation testing

neaPay can help accelerate the certification and launch of your EMV cards and NFC devices by allowing you to test in-house and eliminate the delays and expenses associated with certification rejections. PersevalPro fully automates your testing projects and helps testers detect, understand and correct errors, prior to submission to the payment brands for card personalization validation. EMV cards and mobile payment applications testers can use PersevalPro to retrieve personalization data and tags instantly and detect the parameters which are not in line with the payment scheme specifications. This significantly reduces the delays and expense associated with certification failures.

Multi-brand platform and test libraries

PersevalPro is co-developed with Barnes International. By using PersevalPro, card testers will be able to validate the card personalization of contact, contactless and dual interface cards, as well as mobile payment application.

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