ISO 20022 SWIFT Payments Simulator

with integration for ISO8583, Visa, MasterCard, NDC, Web Services, clearing and database/SQL conversion

Simplify. Integrated payments.

ISO20022 SWIFT Payments Wire transfer

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ISO 20022 SWIFT testing

Easy implement and simulate your own XML transactions

Interconnect with other formats like JSON and ISO8583

Use any connection like Web Service, HTTP, TCP/IP, SQL or just files

Configure test cases in Excel, Run with 1-click from the UI


Payments and conversions for

Any payment type can be configured. Our payments-focused Java core supports any XML format.

Around it we can configure any message type as JSON so we can then convert to any other payment type.

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Business Areas for ISO 20022

ISO20022 pacs Payments Clearing and Settlement

Message ID Message name
pacs.002.001.12 FIToFIPaymentStatusReport
pacs.003.001.09 FIToFICustomerDirectDebit
pacs.004.001.11 PaymentReturn
pacs.007.001.11 FIToFIPaymentReversal
pacs.008.001.10 FIToFICustomerCreditTransfer
pacs.009.001.10 FinancialInstitutionCreditTransfer
pacs.010.001.05 FinancialInstitutionDirectDebit
pacs.028.001.05 FIToFIPaymentStatusRequest

ISO20022 canm Network Management

Message ID Message name
canm.001.001.02 NetworkManagementInitiation
canm.002.001.02 NetworkManagementResponse
canm.003.001.02 KeyExchangeInitiation
canm.004.001.02 KeyExchangeResponse

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ISO8583 Converter

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ISO8583 Interface

ISO8583 Interface Handler

ISO20022 Converter

Convert ISO20022 to ISO8583 ...

ISO8583 Builder

Build ISO8583 from scratch

ISO8583 Switch

ISO8583 Router by criteria

ISO8583 Authorization

Authorize cards and ledger

Payments Acquirer

Acquiring host from devices

Cards Issuing

Generate and issue cards

ISO8583 Simulator

ISO8583 HISO98 HISO87 simulator

ISO20022 Simulator

ISO20022 & SWIFT simulator

POS Simulator

POS protocols simulator

Web Api Simulator

Web API tester Performance


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