ISO8583 Real-time Feed with Live Analytics & Logger

real-time HTML Analytics and format conversion to: ISO8583, XML, SQL, clearing

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ISO8583 Message Logging to Data Warehouse

Real Time or Near Real Time Log payments messages

Route transactions and save to SQL, raw ISO8583 messages, flat files

Make real-time statistics, or just save data for later

Easily save transactions to CSV, import to Excel and create graphs


Payments messages metrics and reporting

  • Extract any fields from transactions messages, make counters
  • Check on approved payments , declines or parse errors
  • Send data to any Database, logging system or just Excel
  • Extract and use this valuable data for project decisions
  • make graphs and analysis for more accurate high management meetings decisions

Knowledge is power!

Transaction logging for testing phase and test reports. Analyse what has been tested!

Authorization messages logging for errors analysis. Check what your system is processing.

Payments logging for in-depth business analysis and reporting

Be informed before taking important management decisions

Have automatic statistics be available every week, month and year!


Answer business questions

  • How many transactions were run yesterday?
  • How many were CHIP and PIN and how many magnetic stripe?
  • Declined for limits, Insufficient funds or EMV failure?
  • How many times was a card used yesterday>
  • How many ATM transactions, how many POS and e-commerce?
  • How many were declined for fraud?
  • How many were recurring scheduled payments?

Detect abnormal situations

  • Scripting "sensing" of abnormal situations
  • Detect sudden increases in declines
  • Detect sudden increase from a specific merchant
  • Detect abnormal use of cards
  • Detect sudden decrease in transactions

The ISO8583 Logger will listen to your connection, parse and log ISO8583 messages so you can extract reports.
You can easily then view you transactions in a text file, or import them from a CSV file to Excel, so you can process them and extract reports.
With this kind of answers you can plan better, optimize your configuration, use it to assess granulation for performance testing, and many other things for business presentations and statistics.


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