Configure ISO8583 messages. Decode & Convert, Build ISO8583

Configure ISO8583 message based on you Functional Specification Documents.

Configure ISO8583 Visa, MasterCard, Amex, SPDH, HPDH

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How to configure your ISO8583 message

You will need your Functional Specification Document of the interface that you make the message for.

Follow each field definition, there should be definitions for all fields being used, from 1 to 128

Adjust the settings for each of the fields below to match your document

Fixed fields are defined like "an 8" or "n 6" in the documentation. Those need to be configured as "Fixed" an then specify the length in bytes.

Variable fields are specified in the documentation as "llvar" or "llvar ..19" or "lllvar" or even "lnvar 5". In this case select llvar or lllvar and set the maximul length you want.

Binary fields are still fixed size if specified as "b 8", so please configure as Fixed length 8, and set data type to binary

Eventual headers and trailers can be combined into one or more fields if your interface has more than 3 headers

If you need help configuring your fialds, contact us with the quick chat box in the bottom right corner.

Configured ISO Message

Make changes to the ISO8583 fields definitions below, Save each field and then re-build.

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