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We have been in the payments business for many years and we have a lot of experience with Authorization and Clearing Systems, and we are involved in all stages of bringing payments products to the market. We are there for writing business cases, as well as receiving them, we wrote business requirements, as well as design documents, test plans and reports. We created project plans and project strategies and we tracked them to an end. We did analysis, design, development, testing and management, across several products.

Online Testing Payments simulator

» Our Payments simulator can now be accessed from a browser. Even easier!
» All controls are also in the browser. Just log on!
» Run transactions, check results, from any location, anytime!
» Many testers, many locations, all working together;
» Drive it smart with a web browser, keep your connections in hand with our smart solution!
» Involve our Online testing services and you have nothing else to do!

Functional testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Live Testing

» From functional specifications to go-live, in isolation or in integration with Fraud Systems, Bank Host and Interchanges like Visa, MasterCard, we test and make sure your solution works as requested from the first deployment.
» We test in integration environments that all connections receive and send the correct data and behave according to the requirements.
» On behalf of the client we perform acceptance testing, making sure the solution satisfies the requirements.
» In production we can also test pilot migrations, certifications, analyse data and sync with the institutions for validating and acceptance of results.

Certification Testing and management

We can handle certifications through all the stages, from initial contact with schemes like Visa, MasterCard, Diners, to project closure. This includes:
» business case discussions,
» project opening,
» scope analysis,
» test plans preparation,
» test scope preparation,
» test execution and documenting the results,
» results analysis and validation,
» checking with the switches about the validity of the tests and offering support for validation,
» receiving of letters, project closure, thanking everyone involved.

Testing BASE24

ACI's old and reliable solution is still the biggest player in the market and still going strong. Therefore we are ready to offer technical support for testing, installation and configuration, as well as mandates implementations and certifications. We can do functional analysis and testing, test scope creation and analysis, integration testing, regression testing, automated regressions and performance testing. Everything that is needed, we can do it and have done it before.

Testing BASE24-eps

ACI's new payments system has grown over the past years and has proven to be worthy of its predecessor. We have experience testing this system on many platforms, including tandem of course. Installation and configuration, requirements analysis, regression testing, performance testing are just some of the tasks we can perform, but basically we have done just about everything can be done. Migrations from BASE24 classic to BASE24-eps are also a job we are good at.

Testing Way4

Our experience with OpenWay's solution starts from business analysis, testing, configuration and certifications. We have used Way4 with POS, merchants, interchanges, hosts, both authorizations and settlement.

Business Analysis

From the initial business case and proposal, and all the way to defining clear requirements, whether with Visa, MasterCard or other institutions, like network banks.
We can take on the task of discussing the business, providing technical consultancy during meetings, establishing and maintaining communication channels with institutions, negotiating deliverables and acceptance.
We have excellent communication and relationship management skills, as well as technical experience and business know-how, qualities that are essential when dealing with network institutions, Interchanges, processors or Merchants.

Regression Testing and Design

We have a lot of experience designing Regression strategies and regression packs, scenarios and cases that check your system thoroughly after each update, so you can be confident when going live. We have done it for several institutions and offered consultancy on how to do it properly to others. Maybe sometime we do not have the time to do it for you or to come on site, but at least we can help with a small training session, tutorial or consultation meeting. We take pride in the findings of our regression designs and in some cases clients are surprised to find out that functionality that was supposed to be working just fine was missed from deployment 3 month ago and no one noticed. It is only human to make mistakes, that is why we prefer automatic solutions to detect possible errors. Based on your configuration, we create a regression design and a pack that checks your settings, your configuration, custom code, enhancements and mandates.

Automatic Regression Suite

It is all right to test manually once, but regression tests are supposed to be run after each deployment, configuration load or change in the system. That cannot be done manually in a reasonable time, and that is why we make all these checks automatic. We set up regressions packs to run hundreds of transactions, at maximum speed, in less than half an hour. Once the pack has run, we check that the responses are the same as last time. Automatically. So in the end you get a report that tells you that either nothing has changed, or which transactions failed. A simple analysis will show the reason why those failed and the actual change in your system. We love doing that and we are good at doing it. So we built the software that does such things.
Iso8583 Simulator  »

Performance Testing

We start by gathering data from your system, creating metrics and reports about how your system is used in daily life. Then we proceed to setting up a test package that has the same impact on your system, at a smaller scale. We stress test your system at the required performance and measure the results. This way you can be sure that your system does the required TPS.

Testing with Asset

ACI's Asset tool proves to be great in testing payments software. All the types of testing services above can be done with Asset. We have many years of experience with Asset and we can use it for everything it can do. Basically all the testing you need for your system, we can do with Asset. And most importantly, we have a huge experience in writing custom scripts for Asset, and we have done that for many clients.


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