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By using this product YOU AGREE to the neapay general License agreement

By using this DEMO NON-COMMERCIAL product YOU AGREE the following


If you are a (part of) a commercial BUSINESS or COMPANY:

You must be using it ONLY for assessment and demo purposes.

Proof of concepts, short-term projects (under 1 month), assessment of capabilities, are all possible with the DEMO license.

Testing abilities of the software, your employees, colleagues or teammates is also possible with the DEMO license.

You cannot use it commercially.


If you are a (part of) a non-profit or non-commercial ORGANIZATION:

You must be using this product for FREE, without support, with written consent from

You cannot use it commercially. 


If you are an INDIVIDUAL:

Use it for FREE for learning, demonstrating your abilities, and anything that helps you be better at school, work or in life.

You cannot use it commercially. 


Commercial use

It is considered commercial use if you perform one of the following actions:

1. Connect the software to another commercial product

2. Configure it with your own commercial system data, like cards, ip, ports. Any configuration that matches a commercial system is considered commercial use.

3. Have it in a commercial company environment for more that a decent amount of time, needed for assessment. A month or two is decent, but if you need more, up to half a year is also ok. 

4. You distribute, upload or make available to others for any sort of use. All distributing is done by us or our resellers.





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