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Java/JS/php developer

Junior/Medium/Senior level

You need to have or be able to learn as many of the skills below

Sockets, HTTP, SQL, multi-threading, Script engines(Rhino, Nashorn)

Javascript, XML, HTTP, JSON

Binary operations and data types (look at converters)

ISO8583, payments (read the articles)


How to apply

Write an email to with a sample of your work, from the Task list below. Please explain what you did.

You can do as much as you can of one or all of them, this is our expectation from a senior, but any junior with a will can do it too. Take your time.


Key human skills

YES I CAN attitude

Fast learner, hands-on

Agile, self-managed, organized.

Able to take a task by him/herself and get it done


Java Task: Make a simple chat client-server which envelopes the messages in a JSON. The JSON structure has 3 fields and it is defined in an external .js file

JavaScript/PHP task: Make a JavaScript client and a PHP server which exchange JSON messages. The JSON has 3 fields, define in each of them.

ISO8583/payments task: Download the demo application and add a field in the message. Start by downloading the demo here

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