Decode and Build Bitmap field for payments transactions
Iso8583 bitmaps Decoder and Builder

Decode BITMAP to Fields

To use this online Bitmap decoder tool, type or paste the hex value of the bitmap in the field below, and then hit the Convert button.

ISO8583 BITMAP hex

Build bitmap from binary value

To use this function, type or paste the binary value of the bitmap in the field below and click the Encode button

BINARY bitmap representation

Build bitmap by activating fields

Check the boxes corresponding to each field below and click the "Build Bitmap" button above to enable fields in the bitmap

How ISO8583 Bitmap works

Fastest way to learn is by enabling the ISO8583 fields below and watching the bitmap change in the binary representation, as well as the hexadecimal form

The binary representation is the actual map of bits. Each ISO8583 field is represented as a 0 or 1 in this array of bits

This binary representation is, of course , translated to its binary value by grouping every 8 bits into a byte

The binary form cannot be represented in ASCII, so we represent it in hexadecimal, on the left side

The bitmap is loaded in ISO8583 messages in binary or ASCII representation.

For ASCII, the hex value on the left is exactly what you will see in the message

For binary, you will see this hex representation if you have a hex dump of the ISO8583 Message

You can extract the bitmap from an ISO8583 message with the ISO8583 Message Parser

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