Payments Consultancy Services

for Transaction Processing on ISO8583, ISO20022, SWIFT

Payments Acquiring, Switching and Routing, Cards Issuing and Performance Testing

10 years of Consultancy Services for Authorization and Clearing Systems

Payments Hands-on Expertise

From Idea to proof of concept, from planning to go live, from non-stop services to end of life decomissioning.

Business cases and requirements

Consultancy for Fintech Startups, connection to legacy banks, processors and Issuers

Architecture and design

Neobanks and hi-tech payments innovations require expertise to integrate with legacy solutions

Development and deploy

On-premise, in the cloud, or anywhere in between, manual to automated CICD

Test plans and reports

Business-driven objectives, target-driven development and requirements-proving test scenarios

Consulting payments

Consulting on Adequate Technologies

A realistic approach on what is possible in the cloud, on-premise and anything in between
in the world of payments

Where the limitations and restrictions are, Regulations from Governments
policies and banking associations

What you really need, and what it takes to get those payments processed

Consulting on Implementation projects

Advice on the general software architecture

Software already on-opremise, connectors and leveraging existing components

Hardware requirements and configuration, HSM, PCI-DSS and more

Project plans, Architecture design and High level estimates

Consulting on Authorization systems

Cards, chips, brands, security, network and processing software

Best practices risks involved, pricing advice and project historical estimates

We made many mistakes and can help you not make the same ones.

Consulting on Fraud, Host, Clearing, Cards or Balance management systems

We know some parts and some we do not, so we will advise where we know » We have worked with all, but we have not implemented all » We can help you choose and we can help you with acceptance definitions » You will know what to ask for when you scout the market.


Consulting on Payment Web Services

The entire world is moving to the cloud apparently so we need to keep up » Make no mistake to move too fast. The cloud is out there in the open for everyone to see » We can advise on data sensitivity, feasibility and compliance » We can advise what you should keep behind a firewall and what you can expose to the world » For the services that you have to expose, we can advise on the best practices and advise on implementations » You get to know what benefits and risks you want to have, before starting projects.


Consulting on Mobile Application services

Mobile is not the future, it is the present and it is largely dominated by 2 big players: Apple and Google » We can help you build, purchase or implement mobile services and applications


Certification Testing and management

We can handle certifications through all the stages, from initial contact with schemes like Visa, MasterCard, Diners, to project closure. This includes:
» business case discussions,
» project opening,
» scope analysis,
» test plans preparation,
» test scope preparation,
» test execution and documenting the results,
» results analysis and validation,
» checking with the switches about the validity of the tests and offering support for validation,
» receiving of letters, project closure, thanking everyone involved.


Payments - articles

ISO8583 Converter   5658 views

ISO8583 Message Converter to XML SQL CSV interface specification mapping

ISO8583 Converter creating an XML,  SQL and CSV object from an incoming TCP/IP ISO8583 binary message, and then sending it to a HTTP host as ...
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PCI compliant with neapay switch

PCI compliant with neapay switch Steps and procedure: Configuration parameters to acheive service PCI DSS compliance   ...
ISO8583 Switch   6528 views

Deploy the Payments Switch Router in a test environment

Deploy then neaPay Payments switch router to easily route transactions based on BIN/prefix, amount, merchant, originating or destination insytitution, ...
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Altering test cases in Excel for the ISO8583 simulator

When you need to customize your own test case, you need to follow some simple steps all the time.In order to obtain this, you need to alter test data ...
ISO8583 Simulator   6951 views

Enabling traces in the payments simulator

Enabling traces in the ISO8583 Payments Simulator, just like the ISO8583 message converter and the ISO8583 Host, is a call to the system core to write ...
ISO8583 Converter   7107 views

ISO8583 converter to JSON XML SQL to HTTP host - start& run - video guide - Part.1

In this scenario we have 3 connected parties. An ISO8583 simulator will build ISO8583 messages real-time. An ISO8583 converter will process the ISO8 ...
ISO8583 Simulator   9080 views

Create a new test case in the neaPay ISO8583 simulator Video guide

You have successfully run demo transactions, it is time to make your own test cases. In order to obtain this, you need to alter test data in Exce ...
Tutorials   13603 views

Cards and Banks Training

From BINs to brands, from POS terminals to the Bank, cards and card data is travelling from one place to another and everything is working in connecti ...
Reference Guide   17047 views

ISO8583 ATM POS Crypto API integration with exchanges like Coinbase or Binance

The payments converter has the capability to convert any payment messages to API requests to exchanges. Integrate crypto payments or crypto purchase ...

Choose the product you need

ISO8583 Converter

Convert ISO8583 to JSON XML SQL

ISO8583 Interface

ISO8583 Interface Handler

ISO20022 Converter

Convert ISO20022 to ISO8583 ...

ISO8583 Builder

Build ISO8583 from scratch

ISO8583 Switch

ISO8583 Router by criteria

ISO8583 Authorization

Authorize cards and ledger

Payments Acquirer

Acquiring host from devices

Cards Issuing

Generate and issue cards

ISO8583 Simulator

ISO8583 HISO98 HISO87 simulator

ISO20022 Simulator

ISO20022 & SWIFT simulator

POS Simulator

POS protocols simulator

Web Api Simulator

Web API tester Performance


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