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ISO8583 Message Configurator

Configure ISO8583 message based on you Functional Specification Documents. Then use them in decoder, builder or via API

ISO8583 Message Builder

Build ISO8583 message based on your Cnfigured and saved messages formats.

ISO8583 Message Decoder

Decode ISO8583 messagesbased on your Cnfigured and saved messages formats.

ISO8583 Message Parser-Legacy

Decode ISO8583 messages and even configure your own custom ISO8583 format.

ISO8583 Bitmap fields decoder

Decode and Build Bitmap field for payments transactions. Iso8583 bitmaps Decoder and Builder

EMV Tags List Reference

List of known EMV tags and their description.Use the EMV TLV Decoder to decode your DE55 data into these tags

EMV CHIP Terms Definitions

EMV CHIP, security terms and definitions

PIN block calculator

Calculate PIN Block for payments ISO8583 standard

Cryptogram ARQC calculator

Cryptogram ARQC/ARPC for payments ISO8583 ARQC/ARPC

MAC Calculator

Calculate message Retail MAC (Message Authentication Code)

HSM Keys Compose

Generate HSM Keys, calculate check value, Combine key

EMV TLV Decoder

EMV TLV Decoder. Type or paste the TLV hex content of Data Element (Field) 55

DES/3DES Encrypt/Decrypt

DES and Triple DES for payments Calculator - ISO8583 standard

Card Generator Validator

Generate and Validate Credit Card numbers. Luhn Check

Card Data Generator

Credit cards generator (credit and debit card numbers) for printing, database insertion, testing

Track1 Track2 Generator

Credit - Debit cards Track1 - Track2 generator


Calculate CVV CVC iCVV CVV2 CVC2 dCVV for Visa MasterCard verification

HEX to Decimal converter

Hex to Decimal and Decimal to Hex. Hexadecimal To Decimal Converter

BCD Decoder to Decimal

Decimal to BCD and BCD to Decimal. Decode/Encode Decimal to BCD - Binary Coded Decimal

HEX to ASCII converter

Convert Hexadecimal - Ascii and Ascii to Hex

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