Generate HSM Keys, calculate check value, Combine key

Generate key pair, calculate KCV

To calculate the KCV (key control value) for any key, enter the key (16 or 32 hex characters) and press the Check button

Key Component 1


Key Component 2


Key Component 3



64 bit (8 bytes, 16 hex characters)
128 bit (16 bytes, 32 hex characters)


Combined Key


HSM cryptografic keys generation

Keys can be used independently

Press Generate new Keys to get a new set of keys. If you need just 2 components, delete the data in the third.

Choose 64 bit key if you need a 16 hex digits key , or 128 bit if you need a 32 hex digits key

Press Check KCV to generate the check value of each key.

Keys combination

Press Combine Keys to get a key made of the components above. If you need only 2 HSM key components, delete the data in the third.

Press Check KCV to generate the check value of the combined key.

Keys Encryption

Use the DES/3DES Encrypt to encrypt your keys for sharing;

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