Calculate CVV CVC iCVV CVV2 CVC2 dCVV for Visa Mastercard verification

Calculate CVV/CVC

To calculate the verification values you need the following data:

Enter the 16 or 19 digits card number:

Enter the 4 digit Expiry Date YYMM(EX: 2312):

Enter the 32 hex digits CVV Encryption Key(MDK):

Service code (used for CVV/CVC only):

Application Transaction Counter ATC(used for dCVV only):


How Card Verification Value
calculation for Visa Mastercard works

Documentation - How to calculate CVV - Algorythm

Step 1. Ensure a 2-part 16 byte key. That is 32 hex characters. We will call this "Key"

Step 2. Ensure 16 or 19 digits PAN Card number

Step 3. Ensure 4 characters of Expiration Date

Step 4. Ensure 3 characters of Service Code

Step 5. Concatenate PAN, Expiry date, Service Code

Step 6. Fill with zeroes to the right until you have 32 characters. We will call this "Data"

Step 7. Encrypt (DES) the first half of the data with the first half of the key

Step 8. XOR the result with the second half of Data.

Step 9. Encrypt (DES) the result with the first half of the Key.

Step 10. Decrypt the result with the second half of the key.

Step 11. Encrypt the result with the first half of the key.

Step 12. Get only the digits(numbers) from the result; First 3 are the CVV

ISO8583 ATM POS Crypto API integration with exchanges like Coinbase or Binance

The payments converter has the capability to convert any payment messages to API requests to exchanges.

Integrate crypto payments or crypto purchase from within your system, ATM or Host for Bitcoin, Ether, and many other cryptocurencies.

Add extra custom fields to the ISO8583 simulator

Adding extra, custom fiedls to the ISO8583 simulator in 3 simple steps: Edit the spreadsheet and save, edit the message that reads the test data, alter the ISO8583 message.

Deploy the Payments Switch Router in a test environment

Deploy then neaPay Payments switch router to easily route transactions based on BIN/prefix, amount, merchant, originating or destination insytitution, node.

1. As a container orchestration with Docker-compose

2. As separate services managed as stand-alone.

ISO8583 converter to JSON XML SQL to HTTP host - message flow - video guide - Part.2

The ISO8583 message flow, via TCP/IP, to the converter.

The Converter unpacks the ISO8583 message

The Converter creates , in this case, an ISO8583 response message.

The Converter then converts this ISO8583 message to JSON, XML, SQL.

We choose to send the JSON as POST to a web host. 

ISO8583 converter to JSON XML SQL to HTTP host - start& run - video guide - Part.1

In this scenario we have 3 connected parties.

An ISO8583 simulator will build ISO8583 messages real-time.

An ISO8583 converter will process the ISO8583 messages.

A HTTP Server will receive the JSON and reply

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EMV explained for programmers

EMV explained for programmers

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