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MCC Codes - Merchant Category Codes to use in ISO8583 Field 18

ATM MCC: 6011

This document contains lists of valid Merchant Category Codes (MCCs). MCCs are used to identify the type of business in which a merchant is engaged.

MCC Codes (or merchant category codes) are assigned to merchant accounts during the set up process and are used to differentiate between types of business & industries. Each industry has different transaction patterns and differing levels of risk (potential for fraud). MCC codes are used by issuing bank to determine if they will accept the transaction. 

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#mcc #merchant #category #iso8583 #field #visa #mastercard | 18th Feb 2020


ISO8583 Payments Simulator Help Guide

ISO8583 Simualtor getting started guide, Information how to start, run , maintain your ISO8583 simulator

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#ISO8583 #simulator #payments #getting started #help | 30th Dec 2019


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#iso8583 simulator #download #neapay #payments simulator #java | 10th Dec 2019


ISO8583 Message Converter JSON and XML interface specification mapping

The specification of the proposed conversion of ISO8583 messages 

Check the article for screenshots and logs of a conversion from ISO8583 to JSON

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#iso8583 converter #specification #JSON #XML | 8th Jun 2019


ISO8583 message: The list of ISO 4217 currency codes for data elements 49 and 52

A list of ISO 4217 currency codes follows. Use these values to check or load values of data elements 49 and 51, and also others (like additional amounts)

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#ISO8583 #currency code | 6th Feb 2019


Run the neaPay ISO8583 converter to JSON, XML, SQL, in a test environment

Once you have received and successfully deployed your ISO8583 converter from neaPay, deploy and run is easy

1:use/deploy java 8;

2:unpack delivered converter;

3:start converter;

4:start client and server simulators;

5:run transaction 

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#iso8583 converter #1click | 25th Jan 2019


Deploy the neaPay ISO8583 Payments converter in a test environment

When you receive a delivery from neaPay for an iso8583 convertor, you will get 1 zip file. 

This step by step guide will guide you through the deployment process, which is as simple as using the software. 

1: use/deploy java 8;

2: unpack delivered convertor;

3: start server;

4: start client;

5: run transaction 

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#deploy #run #iso8583 #converter #installation #json #java8 | 25th Jan 2019


ISO8583 payments message format, programmers guide

There is plenty of documentation about ISO8583 out there on Wikipedia, so making that again does not make sense. However, I want to have a different approach, more pragmatic and more programmatic.

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#ISO8583 #format #parsing #programmer | 13th Dec 2018


How the fingerprint reader works in the ISO8583 payments simulator

Step by step guide to enable and disable fingerprint reading, enrollment and verification.

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#iso8583 simulator #biometrics #fingerprint | 20th Oct 2018


Sample Recommended design for an Acquirer test cases suite, Scenarios and Regression

A test suit is composed of different scenarios which follow in a functional (or another) way in order to cover the full, or as much as possible, of the ISO8583 Interface implementation.

Scenario 001 - Network management

Scenario 002 - POS Purchase

Scenario 003 - POS other

Scenario 004 - ATM withdrawal

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#iso8583 simulator #scenario #regression | 4th Oct 2018


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