Decode EMV TLV tags easy with our online decoder.

Decode EMV tags

To use this online decoder, type or paste the TLV hex content of Data Element (Field) 55 and hit the Decode button.


Decoded EMV tags will be displayed below


How the EMV TLV decoding works

You need to paste the entire content of field(DE) 55 , which contains all EMV data, in hex, in the text box above.

We will check for EMV tags from the EMV Tags list

Please keep in mind that some tags are 1 byte while others are 2 bytes long. For example emv tag 82 is 2 hex characters, which is 1 byte, while tag 5F36 is 4 hex characters, making up 2 bytes

For each tag we will read the length as indicated in the list, after that, the value

The values will be displayed in the table above

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