ISO8583 converter Gateway to

Integrate banking ISO8583 transactions with Web interfaces, Databases, Mobile

Convert/map ISO8583 to JSON  

and handle in an easy, friendly format

Make HTTP POST or GET requests from EFT financial messages

Convert ISO8583 SQL, Oracle database  

Database records easy to manipulate, interpret and analyze

Integrate Web API with ISO8583 for clearing  

Microservices or standalone server, logging, reporting

TCP/IP to HTTP Web services, or any API CSV, binary files

Delivered as Commercial off the shelf solution or as integrated framework

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  Save development cost, use JSON

We handle binary complex ISO8583 data
You handle user-friendly JSON payments


NodeJS   php   Oracle

or any server can be used to process converted JSON


  Automatic stand-in

in case the web host is down


  Handles cryptography

with a HSM or built-in


Simulate any payments device


neaPay JSON to ISO8583 Converter demo video

JSON REST API call from Postman converted to ISO8583 in 2 minutes with built in self-tests


ISO8583 to and from JSON API

ISO8583 to Web Services

ISO8583 Converter to JSON HTTP GET or POST

Configure message mapping and automatic formatting to convert ISO8583 fields in data for web and back into ISO8583


JSON, XML or custom body

Pack ISO8583 fields in a JSON, XML, or any custom body you want


Configure data via scripts

All Mapping and business logic is controllable via JavaScript, so any small changes can be made on the spot


Container ready

Achieve high performance, NON-STOP availability, easy maintenance by deploying in containers


Basic conversion of all fields as standard

By default you get a JSON of the ISO8583 data to play with. From here on, it is up to your imagination what to do with it.


ISO8583 convert to SQL or noSQL databases


Easy conversion ISO8583 to MySQL, MSSQL, or blob JSON data


Direct mapping and automatic formatting


Full control of data via scripts


Any database driver available and any format


Standard and Automatic ISO8583 response handling

Convert to and from databses with JSON or SQL

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Features List

Customer support options


Support Options

Technical Architecture overview



Documentation, Get started guide



Payments ISO8583 conversion Gateway capabilities

Our converter gateway is fully configurable and designed for easy configuration of custom ISO8583 formats

Convert ISO8583 to REST {JSON}


  ISO8583 convert to JSON and send as POST request to API

Customizable Http client/server and custom TCP settings


ISO8583 to JSON and send to blob storage or NOSQL

Convert ISO8583 to ISO20022 XML


  ISO8583 convert to ISO20022 XML

Switching / routing or Direct flow of messages to and from network endpoints


XML ISO2022 to ISO8583


HTTP requests to ISO8583

Convert ISO8583 to SQL or binary formats


  SQL queries or stored procedures call

Formatter and driver are configurable and customizable for your database


CSV entries to ISO8583


ISO8583 to SQL storage or analytics

Payments conversion System

Architecture simplified diagram


neaPay ISO8583 to JSON API converter

Convert authorization, online payments, clearing EFT

Easy convert from ISO8583 to another ISO8583 message

Convert ISO8583 authorizations to clearing records

Convert any EFT, either XML, fixed format, ISO8583, CSV

Connect your Web services to clearing files and online payments



What financial transactions to convert?

Online ISO8583 message to Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.

Your proprietary format to settlement for Switches

Custom POS, ATM, ISO8583 messages, even XML or fixed formats

HTTP XML Bill presentments to TCP ISO8583 and flat settlement

Incoming ISO8583 messages to custom debit systems, card management or Dispute Management


Configure the ISO8583 messages?

Configure the Inbound custom ISO8583 format as a JSON message

Configuration of the Outbound converted ISO8583 message is done the same way

Set up the inbound/Acquiring connection as a server with the format defined above

Set-up the outbound/Issuer connection as a client with the other format

Customize parsing and conversion in JavaScript files



Message conversion flow

The acquired transaction Comes from the predefined inbound (Acquirer) server

The converter uses the configured iso8583 definition to parse the message

The converter receives the JSON message for applying business logic (user-defined JavaScript)

Once formatted, the transaction is given back to the neaPay Core for sending

The core uses the Outbound (Issuer) JSON definition to pack the message and send it to the Issuer connection

Any number of connections can be defined

Any number of messages and message types can be used

neaPay ISO8583 bridge - ISO8583 to ISO8583

Connect one iso8583 switch to another, with different specifications


  configurable input and output connections

Connect one iso8583 switch to another, with different specifications


  configurable input and output formats

Easy handle changes, mandates, or issues


Configurable conversion logic

Fast and easy implementation of changes in requirements are key in a fast paced environment


with databases, hosts, or connections to other gateways

What conversion do you need? Request a meeting


Financial Transactions

Easily integrate financial messages other ISO8583 hosts, XML gateways, csv, database

Card File Updates

Integrate clearing, updates and refresh systems with live applications

Database financial records

Financial messages to database-based Transaction Processing systems

Webhooks, Web servers and Web Services integration

Custom clearing file based systems integration

Microservices by scope

Separate Microservices make it easy to improve functionality, redeploy fast, and update separately


Separate managed Instances

Process Complex scenarios separate than high volume traffic.

Process transactions cheaper, smarter and a lot faster


ISO8583 Message Converter

any payments formats

any connection type

any message standard

scalable multi-threaded

all configurable


Request a Quote



  Deploy cloud / premise

no installation

unpack and run

platform independent


  Run in container or standalone

very simple User Interface

server mode with no-UI

move to local, test mode

high TPS, low impact

small footprint

all memory run

no database required



Console / container output

Integrated Analytics service

Log to files any message


HTML reports service



Version control software

Siple Archive delivery or GIT

Configuration GIT or DB

In-house business logic updates

No delivery dependency



Files binary ASCII EBCDIC

TCP/IP Web Services HTTP API

CSV files storage

Databases SQL NoSQL Oracle





One instance or separate microservices

Independently configurable

Flexible ISO8583 with XML CSV TLV

Powerful ISO8583 binary file

Conversion included ISO8583-XML-SQL-CSV




Configurable cryptogram methods

Configurable PIN block methods

TLS SHA and other encryption standards

Project Phase delivery - ISO8583 Interface


Pre Project

Analysis of requirements

Free Proof of concept guarantees solution functionality

Estimate and divide into phases

Financial and contractual arrangements for Project and Bau


Fast Proof of Concept delivery for simple scenario

Immediate implementation of the most used scenarios

Iterative delivery of the agreed behavior

Project go-live threshold achieved

Live acceptance

Fast Proof of Concept delivery for simple scenario

Immediate implementation of the most used scenarios

Iterative delivery of the agreed behavior

Project go-live threshold achieved

Long Term Support delivery - ISO8583 Interface

Long term support ensures that the delivered product and customizations are up to date with changing requirements,
up to date with technological updates, and of course, benefit from the newest upgrades

Post-project scope

Remaining tasks can be scheduled during bau

Mandates, updates, extra requirements as in project

Iterative delivery of scope

During License Yearly subscription

Yearly License

Just license option with no support

Company license

No restrictions in instances or individuals

White label options available

Yearly support scope

Support requests and incident management

Implementation of fixes, bugs, issues and extra features

Updates and upgrades to the newest product or features

Yearly schedule and release management

Incoming transactions conversion

ISO8583 to JSON Conversion

How conversion works

On the felt side we have transactions coming in

The connection type is defined in .JS files

Each connection is configurable independently

The script engine asks the connection to read data into a message

The connection reads information into a message

Message structures are defined independently from connections

Messages are also defined in .JS files

The message is returned to the script engine

The script engine calls scripts to validate, alter information

Additional business logic can be applied via the scripts

We can then convert this information and create an output message

We take the way back and the script engine can send the new message to a connection

The connection actually sends the message out

All components work independently

Case studies and examples

The bank converts ISO8583 Base24 HISO93 to internal ISO8583 Host

The bank uses a processing company that runs BASE24 classic or Base24-eps to process transactions, and the processor sends all transactions to the bank as HISO93

The Bank needs to convert these messages to its own legacy Host systems

The Converter receives all incoming traffic and convert each of them to ISO8583 Host custom format

The Converter converts all responses back to Base24 HISO93

neaPay Switch Router can be used to send messages to a database or web host as well

neaPay The Converter can be used to generate clearing files


The bank converts ISO8583 transactions to WEB API JSON

The bank acquires all ISO8583 payments of ATM and POS through a partner Acquirer, and receive transactions for final approval.

The Bank chooses neaPay's ISO8583 Converter to interface with the online Web system (as example);

neaPay Payments Switch sends all transactions to the host and to neaPay Message Converter

neaPay ISO8583 to JSON Converter receives all incoming traffic and converts it all to JSON

The neaPay Converter makes HTTP POST requests with the JSON body above

If the WEB API responds to the POST call, the converter can notify the Router, otherwise another part;

In case of no response, the Converter can log the request to a database, and retry later.


The bank converts ISO8583 Postilion to SQL Oracle and NoSQL JSON

The bank uses a processing company that runs Postilion to process transactions, and the processor sends all transactions to the bank as PostBridge Messages

The Bank needs to convert these messages to its own Warehouse or Oracle Database processing system

neaPay Converter receives all incoming traffic and convert each of them to SQL and JSON

then converts all responses back to Postilion and auto populate responses

neaPay Switch Router can be used to send messages to a BLOB Warehouse as JSON

  Frequently asked questions

The application Core is written in Java, runs on any platform where Java is available

The configuration and behavior are written in JavScript, which is delivered to the customer

We use a Micro-service architecture, each service does one designated job;

Each component of the service can therefore be run and maintained separately

Most users run the POC on a workstation or Windows VM, but some use Mac or Linux platforms for initial acceptance

Non-stop and high load converters run on Linux servers or containers

Any cloud can be used, as long as it runs Docker Containers and an OS that supports Java. RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS

As a microservice, each converter instance can run its own configuration to perform a separate task

Several converters can be run at the same time for ISO8583, ISO 20022, SQL/Oracle, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, clearing

Each microservice can therefore be redeployed, reconfigured and maintained separately

All connectivity, message formats, business logic, are usually delivered pre-configured, ready to run.

The customer can change all of the above, on-premise.

All configuration is easy to version-control (via git)

Super fast. Under millisecond. It can be limited by external IO, HSM, Database, of course.

Each microservice instance can be scaled separately, depending on load.

Scale with containers, service managers, or simply starting several instances and balancing them via the neaPay neaPay Switch-Router

It is not expensive. The neaPay converter is priced based on the functionality supported.

It is FREE for POC, learning, educational and personal use.

Let's have a call, discuss your requirements and get a rough price estimate for the project. Get a Free Price Quote

Download ISO8583 converter to JSON XML CSV SQL

Watch this deployment video before you download

Watch this test run video before your first run


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Java is required to run the product. Please follow this guide to Download/Check Java version


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ISO8583 Interface

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Convert ISO20022 to ISO8583 ...

ISO8583 Builder

Build ISO8583 from scratch

ISO8583 Switch

ISO8583 Router by criteria

ISO8583 Authorization

Authorize cards and ledger

Payments Acquirer

Acquiring host from devices

Cards Issuing

Generate and issue cards

ISO8583 Simulator

ISO8583 HISO98 HISO87 simulator

ISO20022 Simulator

ISO20022 & SWIFT simulator

POS Simulator

POS protocols simulator

Web Api Simulator

Web API tester Performance


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