POS Device Simulator SPDH HPDH

ISO8583 fixed formats
Hypercom or Standard device handler

Integrate with BASE24, Base24-eps, Alaric, Postilion, Way4

Custom POS messages simulated in a few hours with full customization

Simulate any payment terminal
Ingenico, PAX, VeriFone, BBPOS, NCR, Hypercom

Simulate any POS device

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Simulate PIN, Magnetic swipe, CHIP EMV read

Simulate any POS Device Message

Custom POS messages configured in a few minutes

Connect POS devices on HTTP, TCP, with custom headers

Support to convert and process in javascript

Optionally connect to databases, clearing, third parties


Point of Sale, Cash Register, custom device

Store the card data to use in the POS message in Excel

Store and reuse Keys

Host cards, balances, update EMV, PIN, balance

Forward ISO8583 messages or settlement files to Interchanges

Incoming ISO8583 messages to custom debit systems, card management or Dispute Management

Great for Terminals Host, Routing, Cards Host or Balances Host

Built to be Flexible, Customizable and Repable

Simulate cash registers

How to Test POS Devices Acquiring

Export card data, keys data to the simulator in csv format

Configure POS Device or any other Terminal data in the simulator

Configure test cases in Excel

Send standard POS messages out of the box to BASE24, Postipon, Alaric, Way4

If needed, customize the logic or your own custom POS Message


How will the POS simulation work?

Cards will be stored in an Excel sheet, as well as keys and terminal information

The core will use our message definition to create the POS message

The scripting engine will sent the transaction message for applying business logic

Once formatted, the transaction will be given back to the core for sending to authorization Host

The core will use the Outbound JSON definition to pack the message and send it to the Issuer connection

The incoming authorization response will be parsed, verified and checked for RC or other fields

Any number of connections can be defined

Any number of messages and message types can be used

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Support Options

Technical Architecture overview



Documentation, Get started guide



Key features particular to our POS simulator

Authorization messages are fully customizable, separate building and parsing

All connections configurable and unlimited

Authorization message building logic can easily be customized to any format

Any type of connection is supported, including flat files, NSK enscribe, fixed clearing, SQL

Have automatic statistics and Authorization response checks


ISO8583 Payments Simulator

any payments formats

any connection type

any message standard

Functional, Fegression, Load test

CICD compatible


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Windows, Mac, Linux, CICD

No installation

Unpack and run

Could/platform independent

Java / Javascript


  Run & Test

Very simple User Interface

One-click Run of Test cases

One-click Run regression

High TPS (Transactions Per Second) Load test over 1000

Automatic validation

Automatic pass/fail assessment

Automatic comparison

ISO8583 validation for mandatory, Optional, Conditional


Console output to UI

Log to files as any message

Generate XML, HTML logs

Superb HTML reports, graphs



Version control software

Siple Archive delivery or GIT

Configuration GIT or DB

In-house business logic updates

No delivery dependency


Files binary ASCII EBCDIC

TCP/IP Web Services HTTP API

CSV files storage

Databases SQL NoSQL Oracle





One instance or separate microservices

Independently configurable

Flexible ISO8583 with XML CSV TLV

Powerful ISO8583 binary file

Conversion ISO8583-XML-SQL-CSV





Configurable cryptogram methods

Configurable PIN block methods

TLS SHA and other encryption standards

Download POS HPDH SPDH simulator

Watch this deployment video before you download

Watch this test run video before your first run


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Java is required to run the product. Please follow this guide to Download/Check Java version


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