Online tools: data conversion, EMV online tools

ISO8583 Message parser Online

Decode ISO8583 messages and even configure your own custom ISO8583 format.

Parse ISO8583 Message

Calculate ISO8583 Cryptogram

Cryptogram ARQC/ARPC for payments ISO8583 ARQC/ARPC.

Calculate cryptogram

Bitmap Fields decoder

Bitmaps for payments ISO8583 transactions can be easily calculated and checked with this online Encoder and Decoder for Bitmaps. If you are working with payments transactions, you need this ISO8583 bitmap encoder tool.

Encode/Decode Bitmap

Card Numbers generator

Generate Card Numbers and card data for printing, database insertion, testing (Alpha pre-release)

Generate card data

EMV TLV tags Decoder

EMV TLV for payments ISO8583 data can be easily decode d with our online parser of Data Element (Field) 55. If you are working with payments transactions, you need this ISO8583 EMV TLV Decoder tool.

Decode EMV TLV

DES and 3DES Encrypt/Decrypt

DES and Triple DES for payments can be calculated with our online tool. Explanations on how DES and 3DES encryption works, are provided..

DES/3DES Encrypt

Calculate PIN Block

PIN block for payments ISO8583 transactions can be calculated with this online PIN bBlock calculator/generator. It is required for populating Data Element (Field) 52 in ISO8583 messages.

Calculate PIN block

EMV CHIP Tags list

All EMV CHIP Tags list available for reference in this complete list. Simply search for the EMV tag that you want to find. A Decoder of TLV data is also provided here: TLV Decoder

Complete EMV Tags list

EMV Chip terms definitions

Want to know everything about the EMV?EMV Chip Terms definitions is the list that you need to start with.

EMV Chip terms definitions


HEX to DECIMAL and DECIMAL back to HEX with with our easy to use online converter.

Convert: Hex - Decimal

Convert HEX to ASCII and

HEX to ASCII and ASCII to HEX with our online converter.

Convert Hex - ASCII

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