Payments Clearing and Settlement Simulator

Direct feed from ISO8583, Visa, MasterCard, NDC, Web Services, clearing and database/SQL

Compatible with conversion to CSV, TLV, EMV, XML, JSON, data files, SQL

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Payments Clearing Simulator

Support any clearing format: ISO8583, fixed length clearing records, clearing files with custom formats, XML, csv, HTTP, whatever your implementation is, we support it.

Clearing via web services

Yes, even via web services, encrypted or not. And it is not just that.
You will love having the same simulator for all your clearing connections: Visa, MasterCard, Bank host, ATM, POS, e-commerce, partners and merchants.

Visa clearing simulator

Easy testing of your clearing files for Visa with our neaPay engine. How does it work? Load the Visa clearing scripts in our simulator engine, the Visa clearing message format, and do not forget the test cases. Generate any records you want and build the clearing files. You can write test cases to verify the same files also. And you can automate it all. You can generate the clearing records while you perform your online tests.

And if you want a complete implementation, you can use our services for setup, implementation, test cases creation or even test execution.

MasterCard clearing simulator

MasterCard Clearing is just as easy. Load the BankNet scripts, as well as the messages and test cases, point the simulator to your system and run transactions. Either generate clearing files only or send authorizations as well, the choice is yours. One by one, in batches or in full regression mode, it is all a matter of choice. Generate or validate, for our simulator it is all the same.

Diners, Amex, JCB clearing simulator

Diners, Amex, JCB, China Union Pay? For the engine it is a matter of loading a different script and formatting clearing records differently. For the tester it is just a difference of test cases. And IP/port. Generating or validating, it is the same for us.

XML, HTTP, Web Services, csv or just any clearing format

We use the different scripts available for the connection you need, we use the format you need and we communicate on the protocol of choice. Your choice. You can add or remove fields as you please. Then add or remove those fields from the test cases. Test cases that you configure in Excel. It is great, right?

Merchants clearing simulator

You have different merchants with different formats and you need to maintain them all? We know how that is. So we built a simulator that can handle them all. You just load differents scripts or formats. And they are text files, so you can version them.

Regression Clearing Testing

A new code release comes and you need to make sure your system did not lose any functionality. You want to check that clearing works just like before and records are updated the same way. Each of them. A good regression pack can include multi formats across many connections with merchants or issuers. You can have it all in one click.

Automatic Regression Testing

We know that you need the functionality above and you know you want it executed as soon as possible. What is your estimate for running a complete regression for the system, that covers everything, with 1000 test cases? You may say a week, you may say maybe two, or you may dare to estimate 2 days. We say that takes an hour. Because that is the estimate we wanted in our test plans and we made the simulator that can do that. Once all is set up properly, click the Run and go for a coffee. When you come back, you have your answer.

Consultancy and Testing services

Maybe you do not have the time or the resources available to set everything up yourself. So here is what we can do for you.
We can set up the business logic to implement your Technical specification.
We can set up connections for you.
We can set up the test cases you want
We can even execute them remotely for you, analyse and provide you results.
How cool is that?

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