Payments EMV Simulator

Get EMV data for cryptogram, analysis, verification, generation

Integrated in ATM, POS, Visa, MasterCard, ISO8583

Separate API Calls possible via web services

Flexible solutions to be integrated into existing applications

Simulate any payments device

Payments EMV Simulator

Do individual EMV test, validate each tag with independent test cases. Check cryptography, check good and bad scenarios, even in a regression pack.

Test easy with our EMV tools

With real cards or with virtual data, load each tag with the values you want.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a matter of minutes with our test suite setup and our simulator.
Create your test cases once and run after each of your system's upgrades to make sure you have not introduced bugs.

Automatic Regression Testing

Why take risks when you can run an automatic regression in a few minutes? Automatic checking of results?
You cannot make progress unless you automate and make things efficient.
So run your automatic regression with automatic check of results in a few minutes.

Consultancy and Testing services

Maybe you do not have the time or the resources available to set everything up yourself. So here is what we can do for you.
We can set up the business logic to implement your Technical specification.
We can set up connections for you.
We can set up the test cases you want
We can even execute them remotely for you, analyze and provide you results.
How cool is that?

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