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Last updated: 01.01.2020
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Testing - articles

ISO8583 Simulator   254 views

ISO8583 simulator scheduling tasks and test regressions

The neaPay ISO8583 simulator improves automated testing with full capabilities for scheduling minutely message exchanges, duration tests, nightly or w ...
ISO8583 Simulator   7002 views

Altering test cases in Excel for the ISO8583 simulator

When you need to customize your own test case, you need to follow some simple steps all the time.In order to obtain this, you need to alter test data ...
ISO8583 Simulator   7026 views

Sample Recommended design for an Acquirer test cases suite, Scenarios and Regression

A test suit is composed of different scenarios which follow in a functional (or another) way in order to cover the full, or as much as possible, of th ...
ISO8583 Simulator   7059 views

Load Test enabling and performance testing at 1TPS and 100TPS

neaPay simulator performance testing. Simulator is requiring 0.02 seconds to send 100 transactions, every second. How to enable Load /Stress test in ...
ISO8583 Simulator   7076 views

Connect the neaPay ISO8583 Acquirer simulator to your own host or Issuer

Everything is working fine in the test mode, with an Acquirer and a bank host both simulated by neaPay. You want to connect your Acquirer simulator to ...
ISO8583 Simulator   7158 views

Changing fields definitions in the ISO8583 simulator and message converter

In this post we explain how to change individual fields settings so they match your specification. All configurable via GUI or by altering the configu ...
ISO8583 Simulator   8186 views

ISO8583 Simulator neapay- Performance testing at 500, 1000 and 1500 Transactions per second

Taking neaPay simulator to the limits of an instance. Doing 500, 1000 and 1500 transactions per second, on one instance/core. We can start as many as ...
ISO8583 Simulator   8545 views

Deploy the neaPay ISO8583 simulator - video guide

When you receive a delivery from neaPay for an iso8583 simulator, you will get 1 zip file.  This step by step guide will guide you through the d ...
ISO8583 Simulator   9134 views

Create a new test case in the neaPay ISO8583 simulator Video guide

You have successfully run demo transactions, it is time to make your own test cases. In order to obtain this, you need to alter test data in Exce ...
ISO8583 Simulator   10180 views

Support for the neaPay products: Authorization, Switch, Converter, Simulator, Issuer

If you need help deploying, running, configuring, customizing the payments switch, converter, issuer, simulator or any custom product we have delivere ...
ISO8583 Simulator   21057 views

Run the neaPay ISO8583 simulator

Run your ISO8583 simulator from neaPay in 3 steps Start server; > Start client; > Run Transaction; > Check results ...

Choose the product you need

ISO8583 Converter

Convert ISO8583 to JSON XML SQL

ISO8583 Interface

ISO8583 Interface Handler

ISO20022 Converter

Convert ISO20022 to ISO8583 ...

ISO8583 Builder

Build ISO8583 from scratch

ISO8583 Switch

ISO8583 Router by criteria

ISO8583 Authorization

Authorize cards and ledger

Payments Acquirer

Acquiring host from devices

Cards Issuing

Generate and issue cards

ISO8583 Simulator

ISO8583 HISO98 HISO87 simulator

ISO20022 Simulator

ISO20022 & SWIFT simulator

POS Simulator

POS protocols simulator

Web Api Simulator

Web API tester Performance


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